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Rio Olympics 2016 Open Water Swimming Live Stream Telecast, TV Broadcast Coverage

Rio 2016 Olympics Open Water Swimming Live Streaming and Broadcast info:

Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Open Water Swimming Live Stream Worldwide

  • BBC.co.uk – All the UK Territories can enjoy Rio Games live telecast on BBC website.
  • CBC.ca – CBC will telecast Rio 2016 Olympic Games live on Canada.
  • Skytv.co.nz – This channel will stream 2016 Olympiad in New Zealand.
  • ESPN & Fox sports – will broadcast Rio 2016 Olympics live in Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean Countries.
  • Starsports.com & Hotstar.com – These are the two sources, where you should be watching 2016 Rio Olympics live, if you are living in India.
  • Supersport – will be the best place to enjoy Live Olympic Events in 40 countries of Africa.
  • NTVplus.ru – All the Olympics fans from Russia can enjoy Rio 2016 Events live on NTVplus without any problem.
  • Canal Plus – will broadcast live streaming and TV telecast of Rio Olympics in France.
  • CCTV Sports – All the Fans of Olympics can watch this Rio events live on CCTV Sports in China.
  • Seven Network :- You can watch Rio Olympics stream on Seven Network in Australia.
  • Sky Italia Sports – This channel will broadcast Olympiad live telecast in Italy.
  • Sportfive Network – This network will broadcast Rio Olympics sports events in majority of European Countries.

Rio Olympics Open Water Swimming Live Stream Schedule 2016

6 August 2016(Saturday)

  • Heats: Men and Women 400. Individual Medley; Women 100m butterfly; Men 400m freestyle; Men 100m breaststroke; Women 4*100m freestyle relay. (9.30 PM)
  • Men and Women 100m IM Final; Women 100m Butterfly Semis; Men 400m freestyle final; Men 100m breaststroke semis; Women 4*100m freestyle relay final. (6.30 AM)

7 August 2016(Sunday)

  • Heats: Men and Women 100m backstroke; Men 200m freestyle; Women 400m Freestyle; Men 4*100m freestyle relay. (9.30 PM)
  • Women 100m butterfly final; Men 200m freestyle semis; Women 100m breaststroke semis; Men 100m breaststroke final; Women 400m freestyle final; Men 100m backstroke semis; Men 4*100m freestyle relay final. (6.30 AM)

8 August 2016(Monday)

  • Women 200m freestyle; Men 200m butterfly; Women 200m individual. (9.30 PM)
  • Women 200m freestyle Semis; Men 200m freestyle final; Men and Women 100m backstroke final; Women 100m breaststroke final; Men 200m Butterfly semis; Women 200m IM semis. (6.30 AM)

9 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Heats: Men 100m freestyle; Women 200m butterfly; Men 200m breaststroke; Men 4*200m freestyle relay. (9.30 PM)
  • Men 100m freestyle semis; Women 200m freestyle final; Men 200m butterfly final; Women 200m butterfly semis; Men 200m breaststroke semis; Women 200m IM final; Men 4*200m freestyle relay final. (6.30 AM)

10 August 2016(Wednesday)

  • Heats: Women 100m freestyle; Men 200m backstroke; Women 200m breaststroke; Men 200m IM; Women 4*200m freestyle relay. (9.30 PM)
  • Men 200m breaststroke final; Women 100m freestyle semis; Men 200m backstroke semis; Women 200m butterfly final; Men 100m freestyle final; Women 200m breaststroke semis; Men 200m IM semis; Women 4*200m freestyle relay final. (6.30 AM)

11 August 2016(Thursday)

  • Heats; Men 50m freestyle; Women 800m freestyle; Men 100m butterfly; Women 200m Backstroke. (9.30 PM)
  • Men 50m freestyle semis; Women 200m breaststroke final; Men 200m backstroke final; Women 200m backstroke semis; Men 200m IM final; Women 100m freestyle final; Men 100m butterfly semis. (6.30 AM)

12 August 2016(Friday)

  • Heats: Women 50m freestyle; Men 1500m freestyle; Men and Women 4*100m medley relays. (9.30 PM)
  • Women 200m backstroke final; Men 100m butterfly final; Women 800m freestyle final; Men 50m freestyle final; Women 50m freestyle semis. (6.30 AM).

13 August 2016(Saturday)

  • Day 8 Finals include the Women’s 50m freestyle, Men’s 1500m Freestyle, and the Men’s and Women’s 4*100m medley relays. (6.30 AM)

 14 August 2016(Sunday)

  • No Swimming Events

15 August 2016(Monday)

  • Women’s Open water 10k (5.30 PM)

16 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Men’s Open water 10k (5.30 PM)

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